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  1. Onboarding the Next Generation (This Week in Enterprise Tech #287)

    Onboarding new personnel is always a challenge, but when you add the vast differences between baby boomers and Gen-X, you have a training nightmare. MindTickle talks about applying the psychology of gaming to smooth the onboarding process.

  2. The Real Cell Phone Radiation Risks (TWiT Bits)

    Jason Howell and Megan Morrone talk to Mark Hertsgaard, the author of The Nation cover story, "How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe: A Special Investigation." We discuss the cell phone industry's efforts to put a lid on scientific research that shows RF radiation's negative effects on rats and why the industry doesn't have to win the scientific argument about safety; it only has to keep the argument going.

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  3. Expand Your Attack Vector (Tech News Weekly #28)

    • 1:59 Ian Sherr from CNET helps round up some of the biggest news from the RSA security conference and checks in on Facebook's progress after last week's Congressional hearing.
    • 13:40 Alex Colgan from Leap Motion discusses the idea behind Project North Star, an open source spec to get developers thinking about next generation augmented reality systems.
    • 32:00 Mark Herstgaard from The Nation magazine shines a light on the cell phone industry's efforts to put a lid on scientific research that shows RF radiation's negative affects on rats.
    • 45:12 Patrick Turner from Defense One shows how the Department of Defense is considering Google, Amazon, and Microsoft for a lucrative cloud infrastructure deal and what that might mean to employees of those companies.
  4. Western Digital's 14TB Ultrastar DC HC530 Launched (TWiT Bits)

    Ryan Shrout and Patrick Norton talk about Western Digital's new 14TB Data Center Hard Drive, which features TDMR and a 5-year warranty.

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  5. New AMD Ryzen CPUs Reviewed! (This Week in Computer Hardware #462)

    AMD's new Ryzen 7 2700X and Ryzen 5 2600X Reviewed!!!! Western Digital's Black and SanDisk Extreme PRO M.2 1TB NVMe drives are OUTSTANDING, another new NUC from intel, and a 14TB HD!