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    Scientists want you to go looking for exploding stars, and nope, you won't need much expertise to do it.

    A citizen science project to find supernovae led by Brad Tucker and Anais Möller from the Australian National University (ANU) aims to help researchers figure out how big the universe is.

    Supernovae can be seen from billions of light years away, and researchers are about to calculate their distance from Earth based on how bright they are.

    "Supernovae are explosions as bright as 100 million billion billion billion lightning bolts, and so we can use them as markers to measure how the Universe is growing and what's causing its expansion to accelerate," Tucker said in a statement online. Read more...

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    How many kangaroo joeys can you personally feed at once? Volunteers at a wildlife rescue shelter in Victoria, Australia, have built a contraption that serves dinner for ten baby roos at once.

    In a video uploaded to Facebook on Monday, Our Haven Wildlife Shelter co-founder Tony Matthews is seen with his own invention in action, filmed by co-founder Theresa Matthews (they're married).

    Ten little kangaroos line up for their pre-bedtime feed, sucking on little mounted bottles with their names written on the side. There's Jade, Misty, Sophie, Robbie, Bluey One, Joe, Daisy, Malcolm, Buddy, and Dave, and whether the actual kangaroos are attached to their correct name, we don't even care. Read more...

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    Have you ever made it to the point in an argument with your brother or sister when you've both lost sight of what the problem is and NOW YOU'RE JUST YELLING?

    You're just like these two lynx.

    Captured on camera by Nicole Lewis in near Avery Lake, which borders Ontario, Canada, and Michigan, U.S., the two lynx appear to be having a mild territorial meltdown — according to National Geographic, lynx tend to do make this weird screechy noise in confrontations, particularly if it's a first meeting.

    According to Storyful, who hosted the video, Lewis spotted the pair closed to the Dinorwic region of Ontario, where lynxes roam and only make human headlines if they attack pet goats (the goat was OK). Read more...

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    Since they stepped out together at the Met Gala, musician Grimes and Tesla CEO Elon Musk's relationship hasn't had the warmest of receptions.

    Quite a bit of the criticism comes from longtime fans of Grimes, a.k.a. Claire Boucher, known for being outspoken about her progressive politics

    It's something fans have pointed out as seemingly at odds with her boyfriend's company, Tesla, which recently sat under the spotlight due to allegations of firing workers who attempted to unionize.

    In a now-deleted tweet, because the discussion was "too nuanced" for Twitter, Boucher defended Musk. Read more...

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    Anarchy. Rebellion. High drama. 

    It was all happening at San Antonio International Airport, where a crafty, incredibly frightened rhesus macaque was on the loose after escaping from its transport crate on Monday afternoon.

    According to local CNN affiliate KSAT, the primate fugitive, identified as Dawkins, was in transit after an American Airlines flight from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, via Chicago. 

    Dawkins' destination? The Born Free USA sanctuary in La Salle County, Texas, which claims to be one of the country’s largest primate sanctuaries.  Read more...

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